KPIK 2020 workshops

KPI is happy to announce that things will be starting up again with Kemptville Players Inc. Kids (KPIK).

We are planning a 3 session workshop series on introduction to creative drama: drama games, trust exercises, performance group cooperation, audience awareness, improvisation and character development.

These workshops will be lead by Darrell Nunn who was a high school theatre arts teacher for fifteen years before becoming a college professor. He has a M.A. in English Literature and an M. Ed. in drama theory. He recently directed "The Day They Kidnapped The Pope" and "Blithe Spirit" for Kemptville Players.

The session dates are as follows:
Sunday, February 9th - 7-11 year olds 230-330pm, 12+ year olds 345-5pm
Sunday, February 16th - 7-11 year olds 1-245pm, 12+ year olds 3-5pm
Sunday, February 23rd - 7-11 year olds 1-230pm, 12+ year olds 3-5pm
Sunday, February 23rd - 230-3pm PARENT MEETING for future planning

The intent is that these first workshops provide important awareness and skills to prepare for a second series of workshops. The second series of workshops will include an introduction to performance: further group work, emotion and expression using the whole body, scene development, simple stage conventions, a variety of vocal skills (pause, pitch, pace, pressure, power), simple monologues. Timing of the second workshop series will be based on parent's feedback at the February 23rd meeting.

Please email to reserve your spot. KPIK annual registration fee is $25 and is due at registration for all participants and includes the above workshops. NOTE: Registration form must be completed and fee paid prior to participation in workshops for insurance purposes.

KPIK looks forward to being able to continue to develop our young actors talent for future productions in the community moving forward.



A new generation of talent is forming in our community!

Kemptville Players Kids is a new program of Kemptville Players that will give an opportunity for youth, grades 3 and up, to experience the excitement and fun of theatre.

Recognizing a need for theater in Kemptville that is not a musical, Kemptville Players Inc. started Kemptville Players Kids (KPIK) last year with workshops on acting and all things that go on behind the scenes.

The program initially consisted of monthly Sunday afternoon workshops to teach youth about acting, stage presence, set design, sound and lights, theatre etiquette and all that goes into a dramatic production both on and off stage. In addition to the above, workshops were held consisting of fun dramatic games, creative exploration and team building exercises that will give children in our community the foundational skills to eventually put on a community performance.

If you have any questions or for more information, please email

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