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We changed our name...

Our business name is now North Grenville Community Theatre (NGCT). For legal purposes, our legal name remains Kemptville Players Inc (KPI). Until further notice, we will continue to use the masks logo (without the name below it), because it is widely recognized and unique in Eastern Ontario.

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The rest of the web site is retained for now, but may soon be replaced with contents intended for our legal purposes.


A COVID-19 Update - September 2021

With the Delta variant and people choosing to avoid close contact, the next NGCT production of "Ripcord" has been moved to April 2022. This is obviously predicated on bookings and gatherings being permitted in the Spring.

Thank you to everyone - our patrons, audiences, sponsors and volunteers (especially our wonderful cast and crew) - for your understanding and patience.

Stay Healthy


April 2022 (if permitted)

by David Lindsay-Abaire

NGCT Play - 'Ripcord'. Dates and venue to be confirmed.

The comedy 'Ripcord' is the Kemptville Players' production directed by Winston Kinnaird. The play takes place in a room in a retirement home where a cantankerous and difficult woman called Abby is furious at having to share her room with a newcomer, Marilyn, who is continuously happy and chirpy. Add a kind and patient male nurse, a scene in a haunted house and a scene in an airplane and you have a wonderful comedy with witty and clever dialogue. Many newcomers have joined the cast and we look forward to seeing new faces on the stage. The actors are: Robin Churchill, Myrna Ferris as the two warring ladies, Simon Lee as the male nurse and the other actors are Paul Rochon, Shawn Lowry, Sheryl Cunningham, Jorie Basque and Bradlee Zrudlo.

KPI Kids

KPI Kids is a program of North Grenville Community Theatre that will give an opportunity for youth, grades 3 and up, to experience the excitement and fun of theatre. Check out our KPI Kids page.

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A lot of plays have been rehearsed and performed over our 50-year history. Our very own and well-known Vida Hopson arrived in Kemptville in 1949 when Jim Morton was the head of an informal drama group called Play for Fun, a group that lasted until the 1950s. Then, after a 10-year hiatus, Vida revived the group in April 1967, naming it the St. James Players. Its first production was Noel Coward's “I'll Leave It To You,” put on at Leslie Hall. By 1974, the group had changed its name to the Kemptville Players to reflect the community. The name was incorporated in 1980 so our name is now officially Kemptville Players Inc. or KPI. We've performed plays at North Grenville High School and the Parish Hall at KCAT but most of our productions were presented at Leslie Hall. We now present our plays at The Urbandale Arts Centre at the Municipal Centre.

The About Us page lists the current Board members and current production crew.

North Grenville Community Theatre (formerly Kemptville Players Inc), as the longest running theatre group in North Grenville, is committed to increasing awareness of amateur theatre through our theatrical production and support of community events in the area of our township, North Grenville, Ontario. We encourage new members and support existing members to develop their theatrical skills while providing opportunities for creativity and camaraderie (see: join or volunteer).

More Community Theatre

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