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Blithe Spirit
October 24-27 2019

by Noel Coward

Blithe Spirit is set in the house of writer, Charles Condomine and his wife Ruth. He invites the eccentric medium, Madame Arcati to hold a seance in his house hoping to gather character information for his latest book. Another couple arrives and the seance begins. The medium unwittingly brings Charles' first wife Elvira back to haunt him. Once in the house Elvira is unable to leave and utter mayhem and chaos begins. Intensely funny and character-driven Blithe Spirit is a delightful comedy showcasing the brilliant writing of Noel Coward.

Performances at
Urbandale Arts Centre
North Grenville
285 County Road #44, Kemptville ON

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A lot of plays have been rehearsed and performed over our 50-year history. Our very own and well-known Vida Hopson arrived in Kemptville in 1949 when Jim Morton was the head of an informal drama group called Play for Fun, a group that lasted until the 1950s. Then, after a 10-year hiatus, Vida revived the group in April 1967, naming it the St. James Players. Its first production was Noel Coward's “I'll Leave It To You,” put on at Leslie Hall. By 1974, the group had changed its name to the Kemptville Players to reflect the community. The name was incorporated in 1980 so our name is now officially Kemptville Players Inc. or KPI. We've performed plays at North Grenville High School and the Parish Hall at KCAT but most of our productions were presented at Leslie Hall. We now present our plays at The Urbandale Arts Centre at the Municipal Centre.

Kemptville Players Inc., the longest running theatre group in North Grenville, is committed to increasing awareness of amateur theatre through our theatrical production and support of community events in the Kemptville Ontario area. We encourage new members and support existing members to develop their theatrical skills while providing opportunities for creativity and camaraderie.

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